Welcome to the Chair for Business Administration, Financial Systems and Development Finance

Due to the administrative leave of Prof. Dr. Eva Terberger regular lectures will not take place up to and including the spring semester of 2018. Mentoring of master theses during this period is limited as well and can only be arranged via consultation.


The chair joined the University in early 2008 as part of the so-called "small subject exchange" of the University of Heidelberg and Mannheim University and was integrated into the Area Finance. The move brought with it that Prof. Terberger now pursues fulltime activities in the Independent Evaluation Department KfW Development Bank and thus is on leave from the university. This leads to some special circumstances with respect to the course offerings and diploma theses.


Due to the leave of Prof. Terberger the Chair does not hold regular lectures. At irregular intervals, a course, such as a seminar in preparation for the thesis may take place. For this, information will be provided in a timely fashion on this website.